About Us

Welcome to the home of lovingly hand poured luxury soya wax melts & candles with the strongest scent throws possible! 

We only use high quality soy wax which is extremely clean burning, much better for the environment and your health, compared to the popular brands paraffin waxes.

All our recipes are tried and tested to ensure you get the strongest scent throws possible. Many of our customers relight the same Wax Melt 2-3 times so you really do get what you pay for - just check out our customer testimonials!

Being as eco-friendly as possible is at the heart of our business.  We use eco friendly packaging wherever possible right down to our packing paper and the tape we secure our parcels with. The glassine bags which hold the wax bars are recyclable and Vegan Friendly. We also use paper bags for local deliveries!

*The only plastic we use is the trigger heads on our room spray bottles which we cannot find an eco alternative for. But we do encourage customers to return these bottles to us once empty for re-use and offer a 10% discount off your entire next order. We are very open to suggestions on how we can be 100% plastic free so if you have any alternative suggestions please let us know!

All of our scented products are hand made in batches measured exactly to avoid waste.

You may notice lighter patches on some of the wax products. This is called frosting and it is a unique effect of using vegetable wax. The wax is trying to return back to it's natural form and as a result it begins to crystallize. It doesn't affect the performance of the products in any way, and it also means that we are using 100% natural wax! 

The ethical sourcing of products is of utmost importance for us and we are very proud to say that all Fragrance Oils supplied to us, and their raw materials, are cruelty free and absolutely no testing on animals or humans takes place. We understand however, there may be some confusion as the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain toxicity values for rat and rabbit. This particular section refers to the LD50 (toxicity) of particular ingredients which are required for other industries (such as for use in food) and it is mandatory that we include these where they exist. Any animal test data is based on testing that was not conducted or sanctioned by us or our suppliers, in some cases, these tests were mandated by a government agency or performed decades ago and categorically no testing was performed for the use of these ingredients in products we are supplying.

The fragrances we use contain natural elements (essential oils, extracts, resins, isolates) but are not fully natural. The fragrance oils we use have been designed to be as simple, clean and natural as possible whilst delivering the best scent throw and the best range of scent notes. Compounds that aren’t sourced direct from nature are either chemically identical to naturally found compounds, artificially created, or modified slightly, usually to give a slightly stronger scent. Occasionally fragrances not found in nature are used to give the distinctive scent that is required for some more artificial type fragrances. This is the same as all fragrance oils on the market today.