We’ve written up some frequently asked questions to assist you in your queries, but if there’s anything we haven’t covered please feel free to contact us!


  • When will my order be ready for collection?

We make each order with care and precision and we ask that you give us 5 working days to complete your order. This may increase during busy periods. We will contact you by txt message (please leave your phone number on checkout) when your order is ready. Alternatively if no phone number is given we will email you using the email you've provided. Collections are usually from around 5pm as we both work full time during the day. 


  • When will my order be shipped?

We make our products to order so we ask that you allow us 5 working days to create it! We will mark your order as fulfilled on the day that it is dropped at our local Hermes locker. You can then track your order when you receive your email from Hermes. 


  • Do you have a physical shop?

We work from home so we don't have a physical shop at the moment, but we do take part in local events when we can and attend local craft fairs. Check out our Facebook page for any event information. Collections are from our house so we do need to arrange times and dates with you beforehand. For more information on collections see our other FAQS


  • What type of wax do you use?

We use eco soya wax from sustainable sources from our regular supplier. From time to time it does go out of stock and in that case we use Kerasoy wax. Soy wax is naturally sourced from soya bean oil and an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to other varieties of wax. Although soy wax may not have as strong of a scent throw as paraffin alternatives, it still provides robust scent platform and particularly lends itself to natural, plant based fragrances. Its creamy colour and texture also gives soy wax a particularly luxurious, authentic aesthetic which is clean burning. It is biodegradable and vegan friendly. 


  • Are your fragrances fully natural?

The fragrances contain natural elements (essential oils, extracts, resins, isolates) but are not fully natural. The fragrance oils we use have been designed to be as simple, clean and natural as possible whilst delivering the best scent throw and the best range of scent notes. Compounds that aren’t sourced direct from nature are either chemically identical to naturally found compounds, artificially created, or modified slightly, usually to give a slightly stronger scent. Occasionally fragrances not found in nature are used to give the distinctive scent that is required for some more artificial type fragrances. This is the same as all fragrance oils on the market today.