Farmhouse Ceramic Aroma Lamp

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Decorate and Fragrance Your Home Beautifully, with This Cool Retro Wax Melter / Aroma Lamp.

Silver Metal Body with Slightly Distressed Effect, Chicken Wire and Retro Bulb. Powered By An NP3 Edison Bulb (Supplied).

Approx Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm x 18cm

UK Mains Powered with On/Off Switch.

Please Read - Very Important:

  • The burners that we sell vary in size, and the size and depth of the bowls therefore also vary in size.
  • When filling a bowl with oil, it is clear to see when enough oil has been added, and therefore it is easy to see when to stop adding more liquid, so that the bowl/dish does not overflow.
  • Wax melts however, are not in a liquid state when added to the bowl, and they also vary in shape, size and volume.
  • If the bowl/dish is small (as with some of the burners we sell), then a medium or large wax melt, once melted, may overfill the bowl with wax, and cause the wax to overspill.
  • Now - and we cannot make this clear enough - overfilling your burner with wax is dangerous, and is a serious safety concern! Overflowing wax can cause fire!
  • However, to the best of our knowledge, there is no reason why any burner cannot be used with wax melts, so long as the wax is added gradually, and with care.
  • By adding small chunks of wax gradually, and by monitoring the fill level in the bowl once each piece has melted, your customers should be advised to use their burners in this way to avoid any overspills.